Hello, and welcome to what will no doubt end up as a revolutionary page, where generations to come will heartily exclaim “Wow, this am good page!” and small children will make up amusing dances that express our words through the medium of movement.

What we plan to achieve in this page is a sense of entertainment, nay enlightenment upon subjects that we choose to review. Both Jack and I will review something, be it a film, a game, someone’s mum or the public toilets in south Devon, and will give impartial views which will make you gasp and quite possibly scream with glee.

Welcome person, to the future of reviewing. Welcome to Jack and Dave’s Awesome Reviews.


We’ve had a bit of a mess around with the site layout. Reviews are now split into four sections. You can get to these individual sections either by clicking the links below, or by using the helpful sidebar. Or, if you’d prefer you can just go to the Review Archive and look at them all from there.


We also now have a News section, and a Blog for each of us.


Recent Updates:


21/02/2008 – Where We’ve Been…
Exactly what it says on the tin.


I Love You Ninja Gaiden Sigma, But…
Dave writes an emotional letter straight from his heart to Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

John F**king Rambo!
Jack dons his headband, removes his shirt and sharpens his hunting knife. It’s time for Rambo.

Audiosurf, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ride My Music Collection.
Dave reviews the Steam game that’s sweeping the nation.

The World’s Most Exciting Home Video – Cloverfield.
Another joint review here, with Jack and Dave argu- *ahem*, discussing J.J. Abrams latest blockbuster.

A Film about the Creation of Small, Foetus-ey type things… Juno!
Dave reviews the feel-good film of the year. Find out his verdict on the movie critics went crazy about.

See past reviews…


Dave anticipates The Sims 3.
Dave on LOLcats and having his first blog.
Welcome to My Personal Blog – 21/02/2008
Jack lays down the rules for his Blog, and says “hello”.


Coming Soon:

The Top 5 Games of 2007!

And much more!